Share a time where you, or someone you know, experienced a noticeable transformation. What happened?


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When I started following Jesus, most of my friends were into the party scene. I desperately wanted each of them to find the new life I’d found in Jesus, but I had no clue what to do or how to do it.

My friend Tanya, in particular, loved the party lifestyle and always had some guy falling for her. But I knew her well enough to know she craved something more.

At a house party one night, I sat on a couch in an internal game of double-dutch—anxiously anticipating the “perfect” moment to dive in and tell Tanya about God. By 3 a.m., the perfect moment hadn’t yet arrived.

Still sitting on the couch, I started talking to someone else about God. Tanya sat down next to us a few minutes later. As I shared how God wanted both of them to know him personally, Tanya interrupted me with unabashed skepticism: “So tell me what changed in your life.”

My heart dropped into my stomach. Dumbfounded, I thought, “What a great question. What has changed in my life?”

Not knowing how to explain how I was different, I desperately grasped for words that would satisfy her cynicism and give her hope.


Think about your life since you decided to follow Jesus. In what ways have you changed, or been changing, because of Jesus?


When Jesus came on the scene, the Israelites were living under less-than-ideal circumstances: their disobedience to God’s law resulted in God removing his presence and favor from them, allowing them to suffer under the oppression of Roman rule.

As Jesus continued to declare the good news that God’s Kingdom was being restored to Israel, a certain sect of Jewish leaders called the Pharisees strictly opposed Jesus. To the Pharisees, Jesus seemingly encouraged Jews to continue disregarding God’s law, thus prolonging their experience of judgment.

On one such occasion, Jesus came across a man who was born blind and healed him on the Jews’ sacred day called the Sabbath. This one act caused a pretty big uproar in the city, leaving the formerly blind man in the position of having to tell hostile religious leaders who Jesus was and how Jesus had transformed him.


Take turns reading from John 9:1-41.


  1. Imagine you were a passerby in Galilee in this scene. How would you describe the mood and atmosphere?
  2. What strikes you about Jesus and his encounter with the blind man?
  3. How would you describe the way the neighbors and the Pharisees responded to the blind man’s healing?
  4. How did the blind man respond to the Pharisees each time they questioned him?
  5. What is different between the way the blind man responded to the Pharisees and the way his parents did? Why do you think he responded differently than his parents?
  6. The blind man was immediately given the chance to tell his neighbors about his transformation. As God brings opportunities to share your transformation with your friends, what thoughts or feelings arise?
  7. When the blind man told his transformation, what details did he say about who Jesus was to him and how Jesus transformed him?
  8. When you think about how you’ve been changing recently, what do you understand Jesus’ role to be and how exactly is he changing you?
  9. What about Jesus will you be sure to communicate as you share your transformation story?


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My friends and I were at a burger stand when a young woman with long black hair, six-inch heels and a revealing miniskirt asked to use one of our cell phones. Her call revealed she was a prostitute whose pimp was refusing to come take her home. We knew we couldn’t let her walk away without hearing about Jesus Christ.

For the next two hours, Krystal, who was only 16, told us her story: Her mom had kicked her out of the house, she’d dropped out of school after being told she was stupid, and prostitution was a way to support herself.

I felt a nudge from the Holy Spirit to ask her if she knew God loved her. Confused, Krystal looked up and gasped, “Really?...Really?...Why?”

I didn’t know the whole Bible. All I knew was God’s love transformed me and that his love would transform her. So I told her how I knew God loved me: “Guilt, shame and depression used to plague me. I thought suicide was the only solution. Then I realized God wasn’t ashamed to love me in my mess. He set me free to be totally transformed into a new person!”

That precious night, Krystal made Jesus the Lord of her life.



If you were to write one phrase describing your state before Jesus became your Lord, and one phrase describing your state after Jesus became your Lord, what would they say?


Take a marker and a piece of cardboard. On one side, write the phrase describing yourself before Jesus became your Lord. On the other side, write the phrase describing yourself after Jesus became your Lord.

Take turns sharing your cardboard testimonies.


  1. Who are two people in your life you’d like to hear the great news of how God’s transformed your life?
  2. What steps will you take to share your transformation story with them this week?

Write Your Transformation Story

Writing your transformation story is great preparation to share with friends and family why Jesus is significant to you and why he is significant to them as well.

To help you write out your story, you can begin by answering the following questions:

  1. How did you first become interested in Jesus?
  2. What about Jesus made you curious to know more?
  3. What were significant milestones (ex. people or experiences) in your journey toward Jesus?
  4. What need for Jesus did you recognize within yourself?
  5. What barriers or roadblocks did you struggle to overcome on the way to trusting Jesus? How did you overcome them?
  6. What was the final experience that led you to make Jesus your Lord?
    • What truth did you understand about Jesus?
    • What experience did you have from His Spirit?
    • What experience did you have from His people?
  7. In what ways is it still a struggle for you to follow Jesus wholeheartedly?

Now that you’ve more clearly outlined your journey toward Jesus, write the answers as one coherent story.


What steps have you taken to share your transformation story with the two people you mentioned in the session this week?

Pray for courage to share your story when the time comes, and that God would transform the lives of those with whom you share your story.


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