by Emily Brown

It is easy to picture my InterVarsity community as my personal gang. Colin—one of our chapter leader and hip-hop director of our school’s radio station—can throw down a mean rhyme on a moment’s notice, so I think that alone makes it a pretty good analogy for us. Our little gang has its own lingo, inside jokes, and knowledge that new Christians don’t have. Read more »

by Rachel Gregg

So, you just met Jesus…and you have an iTunes library that is 75% songs with explicit lyrics.

…and a subscription to CollegeHumor on YouTube.

…and a secret (or not-so-secret) desire to get a tattoo.

…and a fraternity party invitation for next Friday.

What do you do?

Does following Jesus mean you’re not free to have fun anymore? That you can only hang out with Christians, have to take out your nose ring, and must surrender all your favorite music? Read more »

by R. York Moore

Becoming a Christian is the most important decision you could ever make! This single decision changes you forever…but what about right now?

New Christians often struggle with initial doubts and questions. You, too, may be wondering, “Am I genuinely a Christian?”

It’s important to know that becoming a Christian is not just about one point in time—a particular moment when you gave your life to Christ. Instead, following Jesus is a lifelong journey. It’s a process that will lead to a number of changes in your life, both now and over time. Read more »