Bible Study

by Emily Brown

Before I got involved in InterVarsity, I disliked the Bible.

I loved the Lord, prayed every night, and believed Jesus Christ was my Savior. But the Bible? Meh.

I just didn’t get it. Why follow a book that, I believed, preached murder and oppression? I told myself the Bible was a piece of literature inspired by God, not written by him. Read more »

by Rachel Gregg

"I can’t color on the Bible! How is this supposed to help me understand scripture?"

It was Tuesday evening and the first of many small-group Bible studies I would attend my freshman year. I was waiting for the leaders to start lecturing, but instead they handed out a printout of a Bible passage and a few colored pencils to each of us. As we sat in silence, it sounded like it was up to me to make my own discoveries. Read more »