Accelerate, a blog for new Christians on campus, is designed to help you grow your faith beyond what you learn in Launch sessions with your small group.

As a new Christian, you can learn a lot from Christians who’ve been on the journey longer than you. In fact, Hebrews 12:1 says you’re “surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses” who’ve set the example for how you can live out your own faith.

Written by mature Christians, the blog contains a growing number of articles and videos on topics such as baptism, sexuality, social justice, and more. You’ll find the stories and advice from these mentors encouraging and helpful as you launch your relationship with Jesus.

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by Patrick Li-Barbour

"Is it okay that my girlfriend doesn't follow Jesus now that I do? ...Or do I have to break up with her?"

"What should I look for in a boyfriend?"

"I like my Bible-study leader...can I ask her out?"

If you're like most new Christians in college, you're probably wondering how your new relationship with Jesus affects your dating life. Whether you already have a significant other or you'd like to have one, it's not wrong to have dating be a top concern. It was for me too. Read more »

by Emily Brown

On Tuesdays at 8:00 a.m., you can be found (with bedhead and a huge cup of coffee) going through a Launch session with another new Christian and a mentor before class.

On Thursdays at 7:00 p.m., you and approximately 40 of your Christian friends take over a room in the student union for worship and a sermon-like talk. Read more »

by Emily Brown

It is easy to picture my InterVarsity community as my personal gang. Colin—one of our chapter leader and hip-hop director of our school’s radio station—can throw down a mean rhyme on a moment’s notice, so I think that alone makes it a pretty good analogy for us. Our little gang has its own lingo, inside jokes, and knowledge that new Christians don’t have. Read more »

by Emily Brown

Before I got involved in InterVarsity, I disliked the Bible.

I loved the Lord, prayed every night, and believed Jesus Christ was my Savior. But the Bible? Meh.

I just didn’t get it. Why follow a book that, I believed, preached murder and oppression? I told myself the Bible was a piece of literature inspired by God, not written by him. Read more »

by Rachel Gregg

So, you just met Jesus…and you have an iTunes library that is 75% songs with explicit lyrics.

…and a subscription to CollegeHumor on YouTube.

…and a secret (or not-so-secret) desire to get a tattoo.

…and a fraternity party invitation for next Friday.

What do you do?

Does following Jesus mean you’re not free to have fun anymore? That you can only hang out with Christians, have to take out your nose ring, and must surrender all your favorite music? Read more »

by Rachel Gregg

What do missionaries have in common with the likes of Batman, Wonder Woman, and Spiderman? Here are some similarities you may or may not expect:

1. Missionaries Have an Urgent Mission

There's a kingdom that requires your help—God’s kingdom.

Matt Meyer, an InterVarsity staff member at colleges in California, describes God’s kingdom as “a place where there is justice, peace, and wholeness.” These are three things Jesus offers to you personally, as well as for his mission to radically restore the world around you. Read more »

by Casey Groff

There is an age-old debate and a common-day tension about being a partier and a Christian. I am here to clearly state that the two are not mutually exclusive, and Jesus’ life is our example for that.

Often in Christian culture, partying has negative connotations, and the general view is that we should avoid “those places of sin and temptation.” The opposite end of the spectrum consists of Christians who go to church and worship God there, but then head out on the weekend to “party” with—and in the same way as—their non-Christian friends. Read more »

by Andrea Emerson

When I find out two people are dating, I assume they’re also having sex. Statistically, this assumption is pretty safe.

Our Western culture presupposes dating and sex are a package deal. And campus hook-up culture suggests the dating part of the package is optional.

As Christians, most of us assume our behavior should be shaped by our identity as Christians, rather than by the popular culture. Read more »

by Rachel Gregg

Let’s be honest. Christians do some weird things.

Picture this: It’s the beginning of a Christian gathering. Before someone gets up to talk about the Bible or what he or she has been learning from God, a small band takes the stage.

The lights dim.

Eyes close.

Hands raise.

Some people kneel.

There’s a girl in the back corner waving a flag and dancing.

Somehow, everyone seems to know the tune to the words projected on the screen.

And then there's you: Uncomfortable and with a million questions. Read more »

by Rachel Gregg

Anytime even a medium-sized group of Christians are gathered, it seems there’s bound to be a guitar. Christians sing...they sing a lot: in Sunday pews, around campfires, in backyards, and in living rooms. There’s a whole genre (and several sub-genres) of just Christian music.

So it's apparent musical worship is a big deal, but what exactly is worship and why should you use your voice to do it? Read more »