Everyone deeply longs to know they’re loved. But sometimes it’s hard to know you’re loved, even by the people you’re closest to. So how do you know in the core of your being that God loves you, when God can feel intangible? Explore what Jesus teaches about how God loves you and how you can love him back.

There’s no denying it: The world is hurting. From a crumbling environment to starving children to modern-day slaves, how do you make a dent in all the pain out there? Look at how God views his damaged creation and how he intends to heal it with you as his hands and feet.

The Creator of everything longs to talk to his creation—including and especially you. What exactly are you supposed to talk about? Are you only supposed to make requests or is prayer a two-way conversation? Create an ongoing dialogue by learning to recognize the many ways God speaks and how you can know it’s really his voice.

The Bible can feel intimidating if you haven’t spent much time reading it. It was written long ago by many authors in times and places you may not know much about. Learn to read and interpret Scripture so that God can speak into your life in immediate and powerful ways.

You may have mixed feelings about the church and Christians based on past experiences. Now is the time to realize how much you’ll need and want consistent interaction with other believers as you mature in Christ. Discover the benefits, challenges, and responsibilities of belonging to Christian community.

Making Jesus the center of your life can be noticeable to your family and friends. How do you tell them about the relationship that’s making you so different all of a sudden? Figure out why and how to share your transformation story in an appealing and sincere way.

Commitment to Jesus often means making changes in the way you live. Jesus will be with you as you cut out certain habits and behaviors, but will your friends stick around? Learn how to make the transition Jesus is leading you into without alienating your friends—people whom Jesus loves too.

If you give Jesus your whole life, what does that mean for your career? Does God care whether you become a lawyer, a musician, or a truck driver? Find out how God can use your passions and talents in combination with his mission for the world.

Whether you wrestle with an eating disorder, pornography addiction, recreational drug use, or a lifelong grudge, God wants to restore you fully. Spend time in confession, prayer, and Scripture to build faith in God’s ability to rescue you from the difficult issues affecting you inside and out.

Every relationship will have ups and downs, even a close relationship with God. How can God help when you are feeling distant, or disappointed, or question his part in your life? Prepare for times of uncertainty by studying how Jesus guides you through them and how he wants you to respond.